Olive Oil Zeytatti شراء في زغرتا
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العملة LBP
Olive Oil Zeytatti شراء في زغرتا
شراء Olive Oil Zeytatti
Olive Oil Zeytatti

Olive Oil Zeytatti

تحديد السعر من البائع
  لبنان, زغرتا
عرض الهواتف
الخصائص التقنية
  •  اسم العلامة التجاريةZeytatti
  • بلد المنشالبنان
  • نوع من الزيوت النباتيةزيتون
  • المواصفات الفنيةOlive Oil - Extra Virgin

From the Mediterranean's picturesque valleys of northern Lebanon - Zeytatti is a family business that produces quality olive oil which is sold through wholesale and retail channels across the globe.

Zeytatti olive oil can be purchased in various bulk quantities and specifications, to almost any destination in the world. Traders also have the choice of private labeling.

Our value proposition to our clients: taste, know-how and competitive offering:

We hand pick the olives that capture the essence of the Mediterranean - captivating flavor, intense aroma, thick texture and long-shelf life. Extracting olive oil is our way-of-life and our legacy. We use cold-press stone mills (traditional way) and can leverage new technology if required. Storage is in safe and hygienic stainless steel containers which are then filled by our high-tech machinery for packaging.

Price and trust also are consideration factors to any transaction. That's why Zeytetti is competitively positioned for pricing of bottles and tins, and dedicated to customer service to ensure your comfort. For quotations simply contact us, and we will respond promptly.

We hope that you can join the numerous restaurants, hotels, caterers and households that select Zeytatti as their 'olive-oil of choice'. We welcome you to learn more about Zeytatti, and hope to serve you in the near future...

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Olive Oil Zeytatti
Olive Oil Zeytatti
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