Fuel Standards For 'Red Diesel' شراء في بيروت
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Fuel Standards For 'Red Diesel' شراء في بيروت
شراء Fuel Standards For 'Red Diesel'
Fuel Standards For 'Red Diesel'

Fuel Standards For 'Red Diesel'

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  لبنان, بيروت
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Red Diesel is used in non-road machines, stationary engines, heating plant & marine vessels. Historically the specification of the fuel used in all these applications was fairly similar. Now there will be distinctly different types of red diesel according to purpose for which it will be used. In the UK, British Standard (BS) 2869 covers the land-based grades and the 2010 update to this standard, BS 2869:2010, which introduced the required 10mg sulphur per kg fuel limit, became effective from 15th November. The grade required for NRMM is Class A2: 'Automotive distillate fuel for non-road mobile machinery'. As the new sulphur limit is the same as for the diesel for use in road vehicles, the oil industry expects to meet part of the demand for sulphur-free red diesel by supplying road fuel with the red excise marker dye added for NRMM use. The road diesel specification, EN590:2009, allows the inclusion of up to 7% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester), the basis for Bio-diesel. The UK Department for Transport (DfT) has estimated that diesel with up to 7% FAME could account for around 25% of the fuel supplied for NRMM use (depending upon fuel supplier)
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Fuel Standards For 'Red Diesel'
Fuel Standards For 'Red Diesel'
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