Concrete Mixers 300 LT (HCM-TAF1-300LT) شراء في بيروت
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Concrete Mixers 300 LT (HCM-TAF1-300LT) شراء في بيروت
شراء Concrete Mixers 300 LT (HCM-TAF1-300LT)
Concrete Mixers 300 LT (HCM-TAF1-300LT)

Concrete Mixers 300 LT (HCM-TAF1-300LT)

من السلع المنتجة
تحديد السعر من البائع
  لبنان, بيروت
عرض الهواتف

The HCM/TAF1-300LT concrete mixer is designed in every detail to deliver the best performance in its class. The operator of the HCM/TAF1-300LT mixer with instantly notices the difference in the performance of the machine and will appreciate the safety measures we have added to the design. Other patent features that can only be found on our products include but not limited to the following.

Other features:

·Wheel break

·Drum lock

·Squared drum nut with a screw to avoid bearing damage

·All sprockets are manufactured by machines

·A cover around the pinion gear, the steering gear, the cable buckets, and the elevator to ensure operator safety and durability of the mixer.


·Proven product designed for concrete mixers, engines readily available for 300 mixers

·Superior reliability and fuel consumption

·Ready availability of spares and service, resulting in reduced down time.

·Supply of tool kit and accessories (spanner, lube oil filter element, fuel filter element, piston ring set, cylinder head gasket, maintenance chart and part list.


·Oil bath type air cleaner

·Exhaust manifold central open towards fly wheel end, with industrial type exhaust silencer

·Hand start engine with starting handle

·Radial fan for engine cooling system

·Variable speed drive arrangement

·Fuel filter mounted on engine

·Sump drain plug opening towards gear and side

·Triangular pulley and extension shaft for starting arrangement.

·Engine mounting arrangement directly on crank case bottom

·Efficient and reliable fuel injection system

·Fuel tank

Operations instruction

1.Load dry cement into the drum using a shovel

2.Add water to the mix using a flexible hose

3.Discharge the mixed load by tilting the drum to the desired position using the steering wheel

Note: for safety purposes the machine is equipped with a drum lock, a cover around the pinion gear and a cover around the steering gear.

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Concrete Mixers 300 LT (HCM-TAF1-300LT)
Concrete Mixers 300 LT (HCM-TAF1-300LT)
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